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Jodie May Evans

Newtown, Wales

Jodie is located in Newtown Wales @NailEnvy and has been in the industry for 9 years and has achieved great things including Winning various accolades! 

UK Hair & Beauty Awards Winner

1st Place in Wales best nail salon 2023

1st Place in Wales education excellence 2023

2nd Place UK National best nail salon 2023

Winner of training academy of the year 2022

2nd place Hair and Beauty awards

She has also achieved awards in nail competitions and has travelled abroad to Budapest and Poland for extra training and skill building. 

Jodie is experienced in many brands which heightens her knowledge of how different products work, invaluable experience to pass onto our students. 

She is super passionate about nails and most of all Nail Health

Contact Jodie for dates and info on the courses available

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